Savings Plan Management

Savings Plan Management

The savings plan management service powered by Retirement Management Systems and delivered through your financial advisor is an asset allocation and rebalancing program designed for 401(k), 403(b), 457 and other defined contribution retirement plans sponsored through employers.

Through a disciplined investment management process, Retirement Management Systems will prudently allocate and monitor your savings plan account throughout the year. Best of all, you won’t have to spend valuable time analyzing market and economic conditions in order to decide when and how to reallocate. Retirement Management Systems does all the heavy lifting for you.

Having your financial advisor involved in the process helps to ensure that the 401(k), or other plan type, is working in conjunction with other components of your comprehensive wealth and retirement strategy. Working as a team:

Photo of Mom and ChildYour Financial Advisor…

  • Helps you set realistic retirement goals
  • Helps you understand the relationships among risk, return, time and contribution rates
  • Monitors progress toward your goals

…while Retirement Management Systems…

  • Constructs a diversified portfolio appropriate to your risk appetite and return needs
  • Implements the portfolio
  • Reallocates the portfolio if market conditions warrant

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