Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you trade my account?

While RMS does not believe in market-timing, the RMS Investment Committee monitors the current economic and market environment for any trends that could affect your account. Based on reallocation and rebalancing decisions, you can expect your account to be reallocated an average of twice per year and rebalanced just as often.

Will you let me know before you trade?

For purposes of efficiency, RMS takes a discretionary approach to managing assets. While we do our best to keep you informed, through your advisor, of any potential changes within the strategy, we will not inform you before reallocating your account.

Do you actually move my money out of my existing account?

No, RMS does not require you to open an additional account. RMS works within your existing account and uses the investment choices that are offered through your retirement plan.

Can I keep my company stock?

Based upon the RMS investment philosophy, RMS recommends that a client hold little to no exposure to company stock. If a client is required to, or would like to, hold a certain percentage in company stock, RMS can accommodate that request.

How long will it take to get my account reallocated?

Once we receive your Savings Plan Management paperwork, RMS will require approximately 7-10 business days to establish your account within our systems, research the investment options available to you within your plan, and reallocate your account to the strategy you’ve selected with your advisor.

Once I’ve selected a strategy, can I make changes?

Yes, you work with your financial advisor to determine if the existing strategy is still right for you. Every year, you will complete our investor profile questionnaire that can help guide that decision. Although it is not recommended to veer frequently from your selected strategy, you may make strategy changes throughout the year.

Can I still access my account?

Yes, nothing changes with how you access your account online. However, you should not make changes to the investments in your account while enrolled in this service.

Can I pay the fee out of my account?

Generally no. Deducting a fee from the account requires the permission of your company and the custodian of the account. If you are in a position to influence that permission, fee deduction from the account may be possible.

What happens if I change the login credentials for my account?

If you change the login credentials for your account (some plans force a password change quarterly or annually), you must let us know so that we can continue to monitor your account. In most instances, we will discover a credentials change the following day when we update your account information. You will receive a secure email from RMS asking you to update your credentials with us.